It is important that all persons involved in the collision repair process recognize and remember our responsibility to our customers or insured. The occupants of a repaired vehicle depend on the decisions made, procedures and materials used in the repair process with their very lives. If braking, handling or collision energy management are adversely affected by improper or incomplete repairs they may pay for our negligence with injury or death. It is a tremendous responsibility and a great opportunity to be of service to our society. Only by constantly retraining ourselves in the latest repair technology can we accomplish the goal of collision damage vehicles returned to pre-accident condition.

Pre 1980’s collision repair processes where considered to be very standardized for all make and models. Collision repair training standards were either nonexistent or generic at best. In the 1980’s with the introduction of the Unitized Frame Structure and the world of Supplement Restraints, the collision repair industry was forever changed. The automakers started making the technological advancements on today’s vehicles, but the repair industry had no idea how to repair them.

In 1989 Automotive Technical Education Group (ATEG) was founded by David Berlien, an independent collision repair shop owner in Michigan who found that it was nearly impossible to find any model and system specific training for his own staff. David was managing his own shop and was the top I-CAR instructor in the region for many years. ASA-MI and many top insurance companies realized the need for training in the industry and are very supportive of ATEG training.

ATEG training seminars started with airbag systems, because at the time everyone was afraid of them and had no idea how to service them safely. It wasn’t long until the issues of frame and section procedures came into the scene.

Steve Melton took ATEG over for David Berlien who retired in 2003 and will be missed. Steve has over 30 years experience in the collision repair business, as technician and collision repair shop management. Now into our 23rd year ATEG is committed to providing you with the latest model specific information. Our live training seminars are conveniently held weekday evenings in a fall and spring session in locations all around the upper Midwest. Special request seminars have also been offered in many cities on the east coast along with the NACE convention. ATEG offers daytime group seminars upon request for those wanting to keep the evening free.

Whether the subject is structural repairs, replacement, structural foams, adhesives or restraints systems, ATEG’s links to the OEM’s ensure the latest, most accurate model specific information available to the collision repair and insurance industries. ATEG currently has over 6800 clients in the upper Midwest. Our clients who regularly attend ATEG live seminars also receive free year round technical support with reparability issues.

See for yourself, plan to attend our next seminar in your area and you will find that these model specific seminars are the most informative you have ever attended.

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